November 12th Windows 10 Threshold 2 / Windows Mobile 10?

Speculation is that the 12th of November will be the release date for Threshold 2 and the release of Windows 10 Mobile both build 10586 – currently Windows 10 and its Mobile version are at different ‘released’ versions.  With release version parity maybe we are on the way to parallel builds and faster progression of features and bug fixes across both platforms.

Lumia-950-and-950-XLThe next question is when will Windows 10 Mobile devices be launched?  There has been prerelease pricing and deals announced everywhere except the US for the upcoming Lumia 950 and 950XL phones.

B&H is the only company in the US bar Microsoft Store and AT&T’s coming soon announcement for the Lumia 950 not the XL.  These devices are not going to make any splash stateside at this rate.

Acer’s Jade Primo is shipping a dock with their phone in-box so you can get productive immediately.  Other countries have deals on the Display Dock for Continuum support but the US right now has nothing.  Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia needs some serious marketing and retail support.  It is shocking there is none.


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