THE Bluetooth Keyboard for ALL of your devices – Logitech K380

k380-blue-1Just launched – this is the latest and greatest in multi-device Bluetooth keyboards from Logitech.

Available in both Blue and Gray the K380 allows you to pair and use the keyboard on three devices and also support different platforms – Windows, iOS and Android.

With Continuum coming for Windows 10 Mobile I see this as one of the go-to devices for your Windows hardware to use your one keyboard to operate all of your Windows devices at the push of a button!

It is a bargain too at under $40!

Click here for more information and to order.

k380-multi-device-bluetooth-keyboard-black k380-multi-device-bluetooth-keyboardk380-blue-side

mx-anywhere-2-mouseAlso check out the perfect partner for the K380 – the MX Anywhere 2 Bluetooth mouse ($60).  This mouse switches between 3 devices too and also has the laser tracking which addresses the issue of tracking on surfaces like glass.  It is (Micro USB) rechargeable, great in the hand and has the friction-wheel and programmable buttons.  More information and ordering here – check it out!


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