More rumors Surface Phone launching in 2016 – Tech Times

rumored surface phoneTech Times reports here that a Surface Phone running an x86 based Atom processor will appear in the first half 2016.

Will this be the Panos Panay’s team build effort which would bring certainly the quality and Surface branding to the currently lagging Window Mobile OS.

It presents a problem though, rumors could well hurt the existing lineup including the seemingly forever pending launch of the 950 and 950XL Lumias.  The Windows Mobile faithful users who are probably 99% running on the Windows 10 Insider builds are clammering for a worthy device they can call a flagship.  Many consider the 950’s too late to the party already – before they have even launched.  The 950’s have little to no carrier support too.  These will not be the devices to dramatically increase Windows 10 Mobile marketshare.  So do these devices and adoption in general suffer while everyone waits for the rumored handsets – I guess time and sales will tell.  Microsoft’s marketing efforts on Windows Mobile 10 have been non-existent and probably won’t change.

Surface Phone could be the game changer based on brand association alone but again with Microsoft’s timing, marketing and general lackluster effort to push their own platform it could again be a flop.

The teasers of x86 compatibility and Continuum are worth getting excited about, I would rather wait for the Surface Phone than invest in the 950’s.  I wonder how many other Windows Insiders feel the same.


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