#Christmas always meant don’t forget batteries – what about memory cards too!!??

These days not only do you need batteries to run all of your Christmas presents BUT most of todays toys also require memory cards!!  Be it picture frames, cameras, laptops, tablets, smartphones, watches and MP3 players they all accept various forms of memory expansion to keep you apps, photos, music, etc.


Check out the deals here on the better quality memory card options, ensure to check that you get the correct type of card – SD vs MicroSD, UHD, etc.  The cards here are Class 10 and higher giving you the best performance possible ranging from 128GB down to 4Gb in size.  Don’t skimp on cheap cards, invest in a quality card which is less likely to corrupt or fail over time.  Losing photos, documents, movies is a reality – buy a good quality card and preserve your memories!


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