#Rumor #iPhone7 #Apple to replace headphone jack with #Lightning

Rumors flying around right now have the latest iPhone 7 design allegedly losing the regular 3.5mm jack headphone connector in favor of the Lightning port.


It would seem that Apple may want to capitalize on its existing shitty connector (that breaks regularly) used for charging the phone and expand its use, and therefore Apple’s profits, by forcing users to use the same connector for their everyday headphones.

ipad-pro-charging-pencilipad-pro-pencil-lightning-cable-adaptermagic mouse 2 charging







I can’t see this working based on the current poor cable design and lack of robustness but considering the decision to use the wrong gender on the Apple Pencil for charging AND that you cannot use their latest mouse while it is being charged – it is entirely possible that they could choose the awful and totally non-standard Apple connector to further boost their profits and exclude other manufacturers until they have passed some soon to be made up Apple Certification for Apple Headphones – read paid heavily for the license to use ‘the chip’ that authorizes you to use the Lightning port for headphones.

There is evidence to counter this rumor in that Apple reportedly patented a new design of 3.5mm connector where the top is flattened to make the connector slimmer thus suiting todays current trend of making things as thin as possible.  The connector is now the largest component width-wise that needs to be accommodated with the increasingly slender designs.apple-headphone-jack.jpg

I guess we will have to wait for the blurrycam photographs from the Shenzhen factories to see exactly what Apple is up to but this could be the solution for making their devices even slimmer, more magical and of course profitable!



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