More #Apple Design #Fail – Not so smart #iphone6 battery case

apple-smart-batterySo Apple announces their next revolutionary product – the Smart Battery  Case for the iPhone 6/6S.  It apparently extends the iPhone’s battery life to up to 18 hours of internet usage on LTE networks, up to 20 hours of video playback, and as much as 25 hours of increased talk time. A silicone wrapper for the phone with what looks like a fabric inside to keep your phone from being scratched, the case design is pretty damn ugly – especially for an Apple product.  Check out the battery bulge on this unit!!

Other manufacturers have tackled the iPhone’s poor battery performance with much better looking and functioning cases.  One review even stated that the Apple battery case could not even provide the phone with one full charge.  Again with the Apple design fails – the charging light for the battery is ummmm inside the case – behind where your phone is inserted.  This is reminiscent of the other Apple design head scratchers like the Pencil and mouse charging solutions – Apple what the hell are you smoking these days??  The only saving grace is that the case interfaces well with iOS and the additional battery level is shown within the operating system – but you have no control over how and when it is used so you cannot for example try and save a little juice for later – it is ‘intelligent’ battery management.

I would recommend passing on this latest Apple offering and checking out many of the other compatible cases that offer much better battery life as well as better functionality like external charging lights, higher capacity batteries for longer use as well as power buttons/switches to give you control of when you want to switch to auxiliary power!

Or if you prefer to keep your phone in a premium sleek case or no case at all consider external battery packs which offer 32,000mAh capacities and more – over 10 times the charging power of the Apple offering.

Check out some popular options here!


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