#inKin – sync #MicrosoftBand with #Fitbit – nice but not level playing field

Here is a very rough comparison of step counts between the Microsoft Band v1 and a Fitbit Charge – Monday my Band lost power!.  As you can see the step counts vary – this is not exercise but just day to day step counting and yes my day job is sitting on my butt at a desk so the step counts are low and need to improve in 2016!!

iKinThere is now a service called inKin that will allow you to sync your steps from other services with Fitbit – as mentioned on Windows Central here.


My personal experience, hence ending up with a Fitbit Charge, is that the Fitbit in general has a higher step count – not always the case BUT mostly.


This means that I was at a disadvantage using my Band for steps.  Also, as I had a couple of Lumia phones I was also able to use SensorCore and count steps using the FitBit app and their software tracker.  Again the step counts were much lower than having a Fitbit device.

Microsoft-Band-First-GenThe devices are both great, I love the GPS tracking on the Band and the Microsoft software is pretty great as is the expandable apps and functionality – Band v2 improves on the first one greatly!  The GPS mapping with your speed during your run/exercise is very useful as is the overlay of heart rate information – the app is a nice piece of work on all platforms which is surprising!  Missing is the daily challenges and THIS is the greater functionality with the Fitbits as it is a major motivator in getting up and competing with friends and family.  I have been competing across time zones with family in the UK which is great fun!

The Fitbit again is a great device, great fit and if I had opted to pay more has a great heart rate monitor in the Charge HR AND more functionality on the Surge too.  I love that the Charge also counts floors – something missing on the Band v1 but addressed with the v2.

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Microsoft Health report

Fitbit report

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