Ultimate Laptop AND Devices Travel Charger $99 http://amzn.to/1JfGGZt #laptop #iphone #ipad #apple #mac #ZOLT

Ultimate Charger for Laptops AND your Portable Devices! $99!!


When you are on the move you need to pack light.  With the demands of today’s electronics and the lack of standardization of chargers and myriad of connectors it is near impossible to leave without being saddled with a multitude of chargers and plugs.

The Zolt offers a neat solution that will charge not only all of your portable device needs BUT it will also replace your laptop charger!  Dump off of your existing charging blocks and simply leave home with the Zolt!  Over 90% of the world’s laptops are compatible with the Zolt, even some of the Apple Mac magsafe laptops can be charged using their USB to Magsafe connector.

The cost of the Zolt is less than a spare charging block for pretty much any laptop, with the added portability and device charging functionality this is a must have device for any road warrior.

For only $99 get one now and lighten your backpack or suitcase!!


Ultra Light and Super Compact – 4X smaller and 3X lighter than standard laptop chargers

  • 3-in-1 Charging – Power laptops up to 65W plus two USB devices at once. Charges most USB devices such as phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, iPods, cameras, portable battery packs and more
  • Universal Compatibility – Includes 8 laptop tips that work with over 90% of the world’s laptops including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Toshiba and more
  • Smart Features – Built-in surge protection and high efficiency charging



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