Fitbit announces new Blaze Smartwatch #Fitbit #Blaze #exercise

Fitbit announced today their new family member Blaze.  Looking very much like the Apple Watch the new Blaze is not a full blown smartwatch.  The device is a fitness focussed device and does not/will not run applications it will however offer notifications from your smartphone.

fitbit-blazeThe Blaze offers up to 5 days usage which beats the Apple Watch and many other trackers but the downside to the Fitbit Blaze is a lack of internal GPS unlike the Surge.  Any tracking will be done via your phone so you are going to be tethered to your phone while exercising.  The Microsoft Band devices some with GPS tracking internally which do being down battery life but they also offer a wealth of information on your run/walk or bike ride.

The device has a unique feature in that it pops out of the strap so you can change between different colors/styles.

The Blaze will be available from $199.  The device is actually cheaper than the Surge ($249) which was the flagship device.  It is thought that the sales from customization options and accessories for the Blaze will drive a higher overall ownership cost for the Blaze vs the existing Surge device.



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