#SurfaceBook The one peripheral you never knew you needed…..

surface-book-microsd-adapterSo you buy a new Surface Book and because SSD sizes are a more expensive than your old laptops with hard drives you are a little more restricted in storage.  So you want to utilize todays high capacity Micro SD cards 200Gb+ but…..


The Surface Book comes with a full-size SD card slot unlike the Surface Pro 3 and 4 that had Micro SD card slots hidden in the back.  While this does allow for more card types to easily be installed it leaves you with one unanticipated problem – the SD card sticks out of the Surface Book (Macbook Pros have the same issue!)

Thankfully someone has adapted the Macbook Pro version to work with and blend in with the Surface Book so that you can house a Micro SD card flush in the SD card slot.


The BASEQI Aluminum MicroSD Adapter for Microsoft Surface Book can be ordered via Amazon here for $25

The other thing to remember is that the SD card storage will remain in the base if you ever choose to separate the screen section possibly leaving you without access to your music pictures, apps and more if you heavily rely on the external card for frequent access!


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