Surface Book/Macbook SD Card design flaw solved!

surface-book-sd-cardIf you have a Surface Book or a Macbook then this is a familiar problem!

Both of these machines, unlike the Surface Pro models that hide the MicroSD card in the back, suffer from a half exposed SD Card which makes using the slot for additional storage a major problem!

A solution has been available for Mac users for a while now and this has been adapted for the Surface Book!

BaseQi now manufactures a machined aluminium MicroSD adapter that sits flush in the device.

The adapter supports up to 200Gb MicroSD cards but does not support the fastest UHD-II speeds so will not use the full performance potential of newer higher capacity cards.  While the adapter is a little on the pricey side it does still give you the potential to use the memory expansion slot for additional space which can be a premium if you have a more limited sized SSD in the Surface Book.

The only remaining issue with the use of the SD storage for expansion is if you choose to use your Surface Book in clipboard mode – you will be detached from your SD card storage!  Something I presume that will be addressed with the Surface Book 2 – removable storage in the screen portion of the device!








The adapter is available on Amazon here OR directly through BaseQi with a discount of $5!

The Macbook options are also available on Amazon here or again via BaseQi’s website with an exclusive $5 discount for you!


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