Dashlane Password Manager on steroids!

3-screens-and-a-cloud-and-a-walletWe all have too many passwords, we all use the same passwords across sites.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, multiple email accounts – it is a lot to remember and we can’t keep up with 8+ character alphanumeric plus symbols passwords for every site we register or shop on.

Password managers have been around for a while to alleviate this problem.  A database of all your passwords, encrypted, stored in one place with a secure password to access them all.  These password managers have grown in popularity not only due to the volume of sites and passwords that we all have to remember but also because passwords requirements have become more complex and unfortunately there has been a huge increase in high profile hacks and personal information leaks.

This past week millions of usernames and passwords from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and more were hacked and leaked to the web – See Neowin article here.

A traditional password manager would not help in this situation, even if you had setup strong passwords, the leak would have been enough for hackers to get into your account and then further identify what other sites you are connected to and try to compromise those.  This costs people real time and unfortunately money.

Dashlane is a password manager that both stores passwords and can automatically create complex strong passwords for you.  It auto-fills your website login information for you as you visit sites (no more insecure Remember Me).

dashlane-password-changer.PNGThe fundamental difference between Dashlane and many other password managers is this – should you think your account(s) have been compromised you can change your passwords automatically with the click of a button.


Dashlane works with over 500 commonly used websites and can change passwords and update your password database in an instant giving you peace of mind that your accounts and personal information remain safe.

Download and use Dashlane for FREE here or purchase the Premium version for $39.99/year

Dashlane also offers the ability to sync your passwords across all of your devices so from your phone to desktop, and any device in between, you have the power to auto-fill your account information and change passwords as needed.

There are two versions of Dashlane, the FREE version which does not offer the password change or sync functionality – but works as a good one device password database.  The premium version of Dashlane offers the sync and password changing functionality for a $40/year subscription.dashlane-free-vs-premium

Download and use Dashlane for FREE here or purchase the Premium version for $39.99/year

Dashlane also acts as your digital wallet.  You can securely store credit card and banking information as well as record transactions for future reference.


Dashlane protects your data using a master password of your choosing and secure AES-256 encryption.  You can further protect your information using two factor authentication.

Get Dashlane for FREE here or purchase the Premium version for $39.99/year


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