Monthly Archives: August 2016

Solution for Pokemon Go battery drain

Pokemon Go has blown away everyone with its popularity. It is also as we speak blowing away your battery life!!  With the new updates and the removal of the battery saving function people are resorting to hunting for Pokemon armed with mobile battery packs to remain online;  after all you gotta catchem all right?

Anker offers one of the highest capacity battery packs available in a small form factor. Pocketable and ideal for taking on your Pokemon Go hunts. Offering up to 10 charges for your phones as well as QuickCharge to get your phones charged as fast as possible, you can also charge 3 devices at once making you popular with friends and fellow Pokemon fans with low battery warnings!!

Check out the Anker devices and grab one now to keep hunting and catchem all!!


Missed the #Windows10 Upgrade Deadline? You can still upgrade!!

The deadline of July 29th has passed and if you missed the Windows 10 free upgrade you now face a charge of $119 to upgrade to Windows 10.

A bypass (temporary for sure) has been found via the Microsoft Accessibility site to allow you to upgrade your existing license.


There is no end date for this additional grace period and the FAQ states they will publicly announce the end of this upgrade program at some point in the future.

So if you missed it, go to the website here: Microsoft Assistive Technologies and get upgraded now for FREE!  Also look out for the Windows 10 Anniversary update which is scheduled for release August 2nd!