#Fitbit brings #notifications to Blaze

UPDATE: After some issues with the firmware update Fitbit has now restarted the rollout of the new firmware and functionality for the Fitbit Blaze!

More information here on the Fitbit support site.

Buy Fitbit Blaze here!
fitbit-blazeWith a new tracker update available in the Fitbit application you are able to upgrade to the latest build which offers the long awaited Notifications features. 

The update to your device will take between 5-10 minutes. Once updated, click on the picture of your Blaze within the app to bring up the information/configuration screen.
You can then select Notification option which was previously there and then see the new option for App Notifications. Initially this option will only have Fitbit as an option. As you collect notifications from this point on Fitbit will detect the apps responsible and add them to the list as shown. You can then enable/disable the notifications for specific apps as needed.

Viola, you now have notifications set up on your Fitbit Blade. While the functionality is nothing like an Apple Watch the addition of notifications are most welcome and the tracker is now a much more useful device!

Fitbit has also brought some other enhancements to the Blaze. You will now get reminders to get up and move based on your settings for hourly activity in the app.

You can purchase the Fitbit Blaze here via Amazon!



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