Best Keyboard Ever! #Logitech K780 Multi-device #Bluetooth

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Logitech is king of keyboard and mice.  Hands down the best quality experience for your devices be it a tablet, phone or regular desktop computer.

I’ve been a user of the K380 keyboard (now priced at only $30!!!) since its release, it has to be the most versatile multi-device keyboard I have ever used.  The typing experience is fantastic with great feedback and feel with pretty much no compromise for what is essentially a travel keyboard.  My only criticism or frustration with the K380 was the lacking Home, End and Page Up/Down keys (using the Fn key is possible but I ended up programming my MX Anywhere 2 side buttons to shortcut Home and End).

Taking the best design from the K380, Logitech has brought its multi-device functionality to the newly released K780.  The difference between this and the K380 is basically a full keyboard vs a travel keyboard with the handy addition of a device slot up front to enable you to rest your phone and/or tablet so you can work away on several screens at the push of the device select button.  The new keyboard supports both Unifying receivers as well as Bluetooth so it can handle all of your devices.  The K780 offers a separate numerical keypad as well as my missing Home, End and Page Up/Down keys!

The keyboard as mentioned is both Bluetooth and Unifying receiver compatible and paired effortlessly with Windows 10 devices as well as my iPhone.  The Unifying receiver is tucked away in the battery compartment on the underside of the keyboard.  The K780 uses 2 x AAA batteries and Duracell batteries are included ready for an instant out of the box install!

Check out the demo video here to see how to switch between devices as well as how to utilize the handy slot to prop up your devices to multi-task!

Get your Logitech K780 keyboard here via Amazon, currently $79.99


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