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#Fitbit brings #notifications to Blaze

UPDATE: After some issues with the firmware update Fitbit has now restarted the rollout of the new firmware and functionality for the Fitbit Blaze!

More information here on the Fitbit support site.

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fitbit-blazeWith a new tracker update available in the Fitbit application you are able to upgrade to the latest build which offers the long awaited Notifications features. 

The update to your device will take between 5-10 minutes. Once updated, click on the picture of your Blaze within the app to bring up the information/configuration screen.
You can then select Notification option which was previously there and then see the new option for App Notifications. Initially this option will only have Fitbit as an option. As you collect notifications from this point on Fitbit will detect the apps responsible and add them to the list as shown. You can then enable/disable the notifications for specific apps as needed.

Viola, you now have notifications set up on your Fitbit Blade. While the functionality is nothing like an Apple Watch the addition of notifications are most welcome and the tracker is now a much more useful device!

Fitbit has also brought some other enhancements to the Blaze. You will now get reminders to get up and move based on your settings for hourly activity in the app.

You can purchase the Fitbit Blaze here via Amazon!



Solution for Pokemon Go battery drain

Pokemon Go has blown away everyone with its popularity. It is also as we speak blowing away your battery life!!  With the new updates and the removal of the battery saving function people are resorting to hunting for Pokemon armed with mobile battery packs to remain online;  after all you gotta catchem all right?

Anker offers one of the highest capacity battery packs available in a small form factor. Pocketable and ideal for taking on your Pokemon Go hunts. Offering up to 10 charges for your phones as well as QuickCharge to get your phones charged as fast as possible, you can also charge 3 devices at once making you popular with friends and fellow Pokemon fans with low battery warnings!!

Check out the Anker devices and grab one now to keep hunting and catchem all!!

Microsoft makes free adapter available #surfacepro4 in Surface Pro 3 docking station – Via Windows Central

Microsoft is offering Surface Pro 3 docking station owners access to a free spacer adapter that will allow it to work with the Surface Pro 4. The spacer is needed because the new tablet is a bit thinner than the Surface Pro 3. WinSuperSite reports that those owners can go to their local Microsoft Store retail location to pick up the docking station adapter, or they can go to the company’s “Send my Surface in for service” website to order the free adapter and have it mailed.

via Windows Central

Surface Pen – Changing tips

Surface-pro-4-penThe new version of the Surface pen has a number of great features:

  • Gone is the pesky loop for holding the pen – the new pen magnetically locks to the side of the device.  I wonder if this means it will get lost in the bottom of your bag like the old style Surface RT pen that used to magnetically click into the charging port of the device.
  • The pen now has an eraser!  Yes Microsoft released a pen with an eraser, the Apple Pencil seriously could have done with this functionality to fulfill the whole ‘pencil’ moniker.  Sorry Apple it is still a stylus/pen.
  • The pen now has interchangeable tips that allow you to change the feel/hardness of the pen.
  • Compatible with Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.
  • One click access to Cortana.

Surface Pen TipsThe tips can be changed easily as shown in this Youtube unboxing video.

The Surface Pen and tips can be bought as a set for around $60 – to upgrade your existing (original Surface pen) or you can purchase the tip kit separately for just $10.

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book launched today

microsoft_surface_pro_4_pricingBoth the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 launched today alongside the opening of the new flagship Microsoft Store in New York – not too far away from the World Famous Apple Store.

If you have not yet taken a look at the new hardware or are struggling to decide on what to put your money down on here is a handy guide from Microsoft comparing the latest offerings – the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and the Surface 3.

Microsoft Surface Comparison Guide

You can customize and order your Surface hardware here via my Amazon store

microsoft-surface-book-and-penDon’t forget to find your Type Cover keyboard to accessorize your Surface Pro 4 – I still wish Microsoft included this or at least a voucher for one in the box for an all inclusive price.  Even Dell and Lenovo include the keyboard in the box Microsoft!!

The new Surface Dock is also available at a slight discount on here.

New Mac to Surface Transition Guide launched by Microsoft

mac-trashcanIn a bold move, Microsoft has launched a site to help potential Mac users interested in Surface Book migrate.  Answering questions and providing guides on how to move your music, photos, install applications Microsoft is detailing how easy (in theory!) it will be to migrate from that old Macbook to a new 2-3 times faster than a Macbook Surface Book.

Here is the link to the Microsoft guide – happy migrating!!


Cancelled Surface Book pre-orders getting expedited processing, Microsoft pledges – via Windows Central

Earlier this week, we received tips, and saw online reports, about some Microsoft Store online customers who had their Surface Book pre-orders cancelled due to issues with credit card providers. Folks who encountered this problem and then tried to re-enter their order saw that their shipment dates had changed to seven or eight weeks, rather than just a few days.

More information here via Windows Central